Why Do We Homeschool?

Big Sister reading to some of her younger siblings

Our family's reasons for homeschooling:

1. Heavenly Father told us through the Holy Ghost, that homeschool is His educational plan for OUR family. We do our best to follow the Spirit, and educate our children in the way the Lord has inspired us to. His opinion of how we do things is the only one that matters!

2. My husband and I have a parental stewardship over what our kids learn, and whether we send them to strangers to be taught or teach them ourselves, *WE* are still accountable for what they learn. We do not agree with or like what is being taught in public schools today, and we do not want our children indoctrinated with the philosophies of "Babylon."

3. Our kids have special missions to fulfill in this life, and they need a deep, rich, and true education. My husband and I can create a unique curriculum for each child and their needs through prayer.

4. We want our family to be the most important social structure in their lives, and we want them to really know and love each other. Instead of being apart from their parents and from each other all day long, they can nurture family relationships by spending time together.

5. We want our children to learn the life and spiritual skills they will need to be independent, capable, faithful adults and parents someday. The schools cannot teach them these things, nor is it the school's responsibility to do so. In my opinion, these skills are more important to my children's lives than academics ever will be, and so my priorities as a parent-mentor are different than what the school's priorities would be.

6. Most importantly of all, we want our children to have close relationships with Jesus Christ. We want them to have strong testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and of prophets and continuing revelation. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we feel a great responsibility to teach, nurture, and guide our children back to their Heavenly Father so that we can be an eternal family, forever.

I would LOVE to answer any questions you may have about homeschooling or mothering and teaching a large family. Please feel free to e-mail me at rachelkeppner at gmail dot com.


Mama Rachel

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