Aug 24, 2015

Changes in Our Homeschool

These changes in our homeschool have actually been a long time coming. I have been homeschooling for what feels like ages-- 15 years. And I have three children that are done with our homeschool, though I don't know that I can honestly say that they have "graduated." (That is a post for another day.)

Making mistakes is GOOD-- I know that. But only if we learn from those mistakes! Making the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results is foolish.

Hence, the need for real change.

For the vast majority of my homeschooling years, I have been using a set of principles that I felt very good about-- I felt inspired to go down that path. Unfortunately, I did not use those principles in the way that I should have. I wanted homeschooling to be easy, to fulfill my own selfish plans and desires. And so, I also learned that some of those principles did not work well for our family.

So while I am grateful for the ideas I once followed whole-heartedly, I have also learned that the personal needs of myself as a homeschooling mother and the needs of MY children must come first in our homeschool.

And that is why I am starting this new blog. I feel that I need a new beginning, a fresh start. I am not the homeschooling mother that I was when I began our educational journey just before the turning of the last century. I have fallen down, picked myself up, and gained insights that I feel may help another homeschooling mom out there, somewhere.

And so, WELCOME, as I share my experiences leading, guiding, and walking beside my children still being homeschooled in my care.